Matrix workshop in Queenstown - 2018

One of the great success stories of Matrix has been our off-site workshop in January each year. We are off to Tasmania in 2019. 2018 was in Queenstown, New Zealand. This a short video highlight of the team trip. The technical workshops are important, however it’s the team bonding and team experiences that make it a success. As you can see from the video, Queenstown is a fantastic place.

Joint Venture Partnership with Citi Logik

March 2018 - Matrix is super happy to announce this new partnership. Citi Logik have the runs on the board in the UK with regard to delivering big data analytics to the traffic and transport planning industry. We are very exciting to be working with them in the Australian, New Zealand and Malaysian markets. It's not often you get a win - win in business. Looking forward to working with Stephen Leece and his Citi Logik team. This is big news!

Citi Logik Matrix Partnership