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Matrix specialises in traffic surveys, research, data collections and information analysis within the traffic and transport field. The objective of Matrix is to provide quality traffic survey information and advice for the public, private and business sectors. Traffic surveys include pedestrian counts, speed surveys, parking surveys, intersection counters and automatic traffic counters.

Martin Prowse - Matrix Founder and CEO, has been working in the industry since graduating from UNSW with a Bachelor of Town Planning degree in 1990. Martin has been involved with the traffic data collection for many major transport projects, (including Sydney's Cross City Tunnel, Western Sydney Orbital, Sydney's 2000 Olympics, Ballarat & Bendigo Train User Surveys, Brisbane North South Bypass Tunnel).  

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Matrix's traffic surveys range from small intersection counts to major transport project surveys.

Matrix have 3 main data collection services:

  • Video data collection

  • Manual data collection

  • Automatic Traffic Counters (road tubes).

Matrix deliver quality traffic data at a competitive cost. Please do not hesitate in contacting us for a no obligation quotation.