5 Business Culture Changes

The 5 business culture changes Matrix Traffic and Transport Data made in 2018 that helped advanced our Matrix Culture.

1. Dog Friendly offices. A few minor issues, but an overall success. Not everyday, but the visits from our canine friends was a welcome change.

2. Work from home days. All permanent staff had the option to work one day a week at home. For most team members, working at home could happen 5 days a week. However, the physical connection of team member is still very important.

3. Weekly video hook-up. Not ground breaking, but the once a week video chat with all offices reminds us that we are one team.

4. Fundraising Activities. Our main event was a 42km charity walk. Team benefits realised in doing an "outside work" activity together as well as raising money for charities.

5. Annual Off Site Workshop. Off the Hobart this year. Great opportunity to share time together. More great ideas come from dinners and activities, than the 2 short formal "workshops".

Not everything works. Lunchtime Yoga sessions were cancelled as Matrix team members were more stressed from missing emails from clients than the benefits of a downward dog.

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