Cycling Gender Parity

If you build it, do they use it?  

The continued discussion around gender parity on cycling trips. 

Traffic Survey

Matrix recently carried out  a series of cycling surveys that reviewed the gender split on different cycling routes.  The routes were.

·       1. Coronation Bike Path – fully separated Bike Path

·       2. Sylvan Street – On Street bike lane (linking 2 of street bike paths)

·       3. Oxley Road – On Street bike lane

·       4. Fairfield Road – No bike lane

Matrix Traffic Survey Brisbane

Data within the above graph demonstrates a direct correlation between improvement in cycling infrastructure and increased gender parity.  Notwithstanding the increased total cycling volumes.

Untapped Market

Currently there is a large untapped female cycling market available for increasing total cycling volumes.  There may be many reasons that females chose not to ride; historically they have they have represented a lower workforce percent and a higher family responsibility percent. Or that females are not as selfish as their male counterparts and realise that when the school rings and little ‘Jonny’ needs to be picked up within 20 minutes, it is difficult to get him across town on a bike.  This could mean that gender parity in cycling is not feasibly achievable.   Seems there may be more than one gender equity issue to cycle through an investigation.

Tipping Point

Most parity issues have a tipping point, a juncture where the growth of one specific group or view builds to a point where it builds, gains momentum and becomes the norm and sometimes more popular.  My guess is that the tipping point could be around 20-24%.