Arterial Road vs Bike Lane

Arterial Road vs Bike Lane. The graph below shows the number of people per hour, divided by the width of the road/path. The Arterial Road wins by a fraction in this case. However, the road is at capacity, and the bikepath is under capacity.

Did I choose the most favourable time for the bikepath data ? - yes, Of course I did - I'm biased. However, it shows that the bikeway is able to carry similar volumes of people (per metre), and based on our previous surveys is faster.

In terms of total people per hour the Arterial Road moved 4,070 people and the bike path 589 people. The mode split for the Arterial Road shows the benefit of buses.

There is also a heavy Rail line parallel to these routes. Maybe we should add the rail data. Does anyone know the width of a rail carriageway?

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